Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP 60
Level 1
Ultimate Weapon Wild Bag

Bel (べる)

Is a character from Live A Live she only appears in the Contact scenario. She is a cave girl who escapes being sacrificed in a ritual to O-D-O by the Kuu tribe and ends up at Pogo`s tribe and hides out there. She can first be seen stealing meat from under some piles of hay and once Pogo tracks her scent she tries to run but is lured out once he gives her more meat to eat. She falls for Pogo on sight, Later at the end of the game it can be seen that her and Pogo have a child together.


She is a tall slim cave girl with long straight purple hair with a shell in it. She also wears a bikini like outfit made out of sea shells which may hint that she may have originally came from an area where the ocean was close at or a tropical area.

Strong and Weak PointsEdit

Bel can be seen as a Glass Cannon, as she has an excessively low amount of HP, and can be taken out in around two hits or less from most enemies. However, when she reaches level 7, she can easily take out many enemies in a single hit with a move she learns called La La, which inflicts great amounts of damage, as well as being effective on O-D-O. Due to her low HP, it is best to keep her away from the attack range of enemies, as she will fall easily, although La La enables her to fight from a long range and to stay safe from damage. She can also act as a healer once she learns her healing move Wave Wave, which heals in a square area around her, allowing Bel to heal everyone around her.

Abilities Edit

Name Range Description Image
BonkBonk Adjacent, ring, single target "Blunt Tech/Hm? (Bash)(bash)"

A standard close range attack.

Teh! Teh! Adjacent, diagonal, single target "Kick Tech/Nfuuu? Yaa, yaa"

A weaker, more restrictive close range attack.

WaveWave Adjacent, ring, all allies "Recover Tech/(Swish)(Swish)"

The only healing tech in Contact scenario, and relatively powerful. Interestingly, shares an animation with Laa Laa.

Laa Laa Five tiles, straight lines, 5x5 AoE "Sexy Tech/Luuluulululuuu"

An incredibly powerful, large ranged attack.




  • She is the only female playable character besides Li Kuugo.