Buriki Daioh (ブリキ大王, Lit: "Great tin king")

Buriki Daioh is Akira's mech and used in a boss battle against The Inko Statue, Odeo. It appears only in the chapter Flow.

Appearance Edit

Buriki Daioh is a large mech robot. It's colour is a dark grey colour and wears a golden crown upon it's head. On it's chest is the symbol "大".

It's body is rather rotund and round, but can pack a rather mean punch or kick.

Status Edit

It is currently inactive again and probably won`t be used again for a long time as revealed in Flow`s ending where Akira attempts to activate it again only to fail like the first time.

Abilities Edit

Jom Jom Bullets

Babylon Kick

Halogen Lasers

Metal Hit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Buriki Daioh shares a similar appearnce to Tetsujin 28-gō, known as Gigantor in the west.
  • The 大 on it's chest means "big" or "great".




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