Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP 240
Level 7
Ultimate Weapon 17 Diode

Cube (キューブ) is one of the eight main playable characters in Live A Live, with his scenario being Mechanical Heart. He is one of Kato`s only successful creations from many failed prototypes, and becomes a member of the Cogito Ergosum`s crew as a worker robot.

Background Edit

Cube was created on the civilian cargo spaceship Cogito Ergosum by the ship's mechanic, Kato, as his third model. Initially, Cube was meant to be the ship's worker robot, and was to be taught all sorts of things by the members of the crew. However, with equipment malfunctions and the escape of an alien monstrosity, the Behemoth, conditions on the ship begin to spiral massively out of control, and Cube can only watch as the paranoid, spiteful crew members are killed off one by one.

Eventually, it is discovered that the ship's mother computer, OD-10, has gone rogue and is trying to dispose of the crew. With the assistance of army corporal Darth, Cube is able to access the system and eliminate the computer from the inside, saving the surviving personnel.


Cube is a small, white, spherical shaped robot with a red cap, orange glasses and feet resembling shoes with wheels on the bottom. It should be noted the his appearance slightly resembles that of his creator Kato ,which could imply he wanted him to be built in his image slightly.


Though Cube never speaks in the game due to lacking the ability to speak. It can be seen that he is very caring, kind and willing to protect those closest to him, such as when he worked to save the crew of the Cogito Ergosum by fighting off and calming down The Mother Computer. It should be noted that, though he does not speak, he does try to communicate in his own way, by making robotic like sounds which some of the cast seems to understand.

Strong and Weak PointsEdit

During Mechanical Heart, Cube has no equipment on starting off and is level seven, but is still very good at fighting despite all this, as he can quickly and easily dispatch OD-10 in his first battle. All of Cube`s stats and level never increase as he never gains any levels, however his stats can be bettered by using good equipment on him and equipping him with various robot accessories many of which can be gotten in Flow from Dr.Toei. Cube is also a good healer as he can use High Speed Op, as either a counter or at the player's will, making him one of the best healers. It can also be noted that due to his inability to gain levels, his HP will always be stuck to whatever number it is at, unless the player uses Power Parts on him to increase his HP by ten.


  • High Speed Op
  • Upgrade
  • Mind Hack
  • Anti Field
  • Noise Stream
  • Info Research
  • Spin Drive
  • Maser Cannon

Base StatsEdit

Note these are Cube`s stats without equipment bonuses counted.

  • HP:240
  • Attack:0
  • Defense:0
  • Power:26
  • Speed:18
  • Vitality:96
  • IQ:99



  • Due to his inability to level up, Cube is one of the only few characters to not be able to lean any new attacks by any means, the others are Taro and the Xin Shan Quan Master.
  • He is the only character to not have any speaking lines at all; even Taro who normally does not speak had one piece of dialogue, which could be seen after reading his mind.
  • He was originally going to be called "Rover" by Kato. However "Rover" is the name of the imposter Cube.
  • Incidentally, when you sort Cube's skills from top to bottom, all first letters spell out "HUMANISM". [1]