Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP 240
Level 4
Ultimate Weapon None

Gori (ゴリ)

Gori is a playable character and appears in Contact. He is Pogo's gorilla friend. A lot of his attacks have him throwing poo, passing gas or beating his chest.

Appearance Edit

Gori is covered with dark tan fur and wears a blue loin cloth. He has a rather thick brow. His rear end is exposed.

Personality Edit

Gori can not talk, but his body can express his actions. Half of the time, he screws around with Pogo, which results in Gori getting beaten up. He is very loyal to his friend.

Strong and Weak Points Edit

Gori plays uniquely across the many characters in Live-A-Live, let alone in Contact, in his ability to lay a poison field. Many of his attacks are mid ranged 3x3 area of effect abilities, as well; making him a valuable support character to compliment Pogo's close ranged specialty.

However, due to his very limited equipment pool, he also doesn't have the best stats going through his scenario. This is further crippled by his, also unique, complete inability to equip weapons of any sort. Though this makes some sense, given that he is a gorilla.

Abilities Edit

Name Range Description Image
Ngah! Adjacent ring, single target "Hand Tech/Yeeeek!" A standard close ranged attack N/A
Ee! Two tiles, straight line, 3v3 area of effect "Mind Tech/Ook ook ook, ook?" A simple ranged AoE. Not very powerful, but can inflict Level Down. N/A
Eeeh! Three tiles, straight line, 3v3 area of effect "Throw Tech/Buripuri... Uki? Bun" Gori throws his poo, leaving down a 3x3 poison field where it lands. N/A
Uki! -Burp- Two tiles, diagonals, 5v5 area of effect "Fart Tech/pbfprbrrt! Ooogh!" Gori farts, dealing damage over a wide range of enemies. N/A
BlumBlum Three tiles, straight line, 3v3 area of effect "Sexy Tech/Dogodogo, baabaa" A slower, but more powerful version of Ee! N/A
Ngoh! Adjacent diagonal, single target "Bite Tech/(Chomp) Hoo hoo hoo" Drains life from the opponent. Slow, and only heals ~50% of damage dealt, but very powerful. N/A