Great Asia
Great asia
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 244
Dropable Items
Themes Knock You Down!

“Hah! Masaru, you puny freak! You obviously have no skill! I'm gonna chop your head off!!”
—Great Asia to Masaru

Great Asia (グレート・エイジャ) is a character from Live A Live who only appears in the present day scenario The Strongest. He is a Japanese wrestler who has mastered the moves of Mexican luchador El Rudo, and has earned the nickname Dark Angel from his rough attacks. He also has a tendency to bite things, which is also reflected in his moveset. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright sometime after his defeat by Masaru.


He wears a cape that has a design similar to the Mexican flag and has purple messy hair. He wears a skull like white mask all of the time and his pants resemble that of a cheetah and in his artwork he has a staff with a skull at the tip.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Frankensteiner - A powerful attack with a short orthogonal range.
  • Tornado Press - A weaker attack with a farther, wider range


Great Asia can be either very hard or very easy. He is hard if one is to face him early on without any abilities, however once some techniques are learned from other fighters, especially strong ones, he will fall fast due to relatively low HP. He is especially vulnerable to Max Morgan's German Suplex, His abilities can be annoying to learn as he will likely use Bite most of the time, a weak attack with a large range that inflicts poison, requiring you to constantly Battle Cry to remove it. A diagonal line from a middle of his sprite instead of a corner of his sprite can be a good place to heal. Tornado Press is somewhat easier to learn as it requires you to be far away, but trying to learn Frankensteiner, which requires Masaru to be next to Great Asia, can be more difficult, as he will most often use Bite instead.

A trick to get him to use Frankensteiner faster is thus: position yourself so that you're outwards diagonally to the corner of his sprite with his left elbow; you'll be in his range for Frankensteiner, but out of his range for Bite.


  • Great Asia's fight contains the Watanabe event for this scenario. However, it is very tricky to pull off since he must be lured to the lower right side of the screen, and then forced to use Bite for it to trigger, and even then it is not guaranteed to happen, with only a 1/50 chance of success.