“... I can`t stand it! He`s... like I was, long ago... Gramps... Was this the right...”
—Li after killing Oersted

Li Kuugo
Li kuugo art
Vital statistics
Status Determined by player
Base HP 176
Level 3
Ultimate Weapon Master`s Nunchaku
Themes The Ancient Master Descends from the Mountains, War in China

Li Kuugo (レイ・クウゴ) Is a character from Live A Live and is one of the eight main characters of the game with her scenario being the Kung Fu and is one of three possible inheritors of the Masters Xin Shan Quan. She was originally a bandit who lurked around the bamboo forest to rob people of their money and attempts to do the same to the master but is defeated by him from there on she joins him and becomes his pupil to learn the Xin Shan Quan technique. She is very tough and has some what of a bad temper and can become angry easily at times but she later becomes kinder and calmer after the death of the master and mastering his techniques and strives to be just like him someday, She also used to be envious of people all the time as it is noted by her during the final chapter after Oersted`s defeat that he reminded her of herself a long time ago and that she was once filled with envy just like him.

Strong and Weak PointsEdit

Li Kuugo is very good among the three Xin Shan Quan pupils. Among the other two she has the highest speed stat and has balanced stats in other areas making her very decent to use. Her overall usefullness depends on how she is trained during the Kung Fu scenario though if one teaches her all the masters techniques and focuses training only on her she will quickly surpass everyone in the party even the master himself by the end of the scenario. During the final chapter she will retain her usefullness being able to easily defeat most of the enemies with her new stats and techniques however she doesn`t become fully good until she learns her level 16 technique the Xin Shan Quan which does decent damage usually around 300 or 400 and always enable her to strike right away and with decent range.

Base StatsEdit

Note these stats are Li Kuugo`s stats without equipment bonuses counted.

  • HP:176
  • Attack:3
  • Defense:0
  • Power:23
  • Speed:38
  • Vitality:10
  • IQ:12



  • Her high speed is not only seen in her stats but officially seen during the course of the game as she was seen moving so fast in the bamboo forest that she was just a blur which makes her the fastest moving character of the main eight.
  • She is the only female main character and the only female major main character to be able to be used in the final chapter till the end.