Mad Dog
Mad dog art
Vital statistics
Status Varies
Base HP 144
Level 8
Ultimate Weapon

Mad Dog (マッド・ドッグ)

Mad Dog is a character from Live a Live and is featured in the chapter called Wandering. He is Sundown's rival and a bounty hunter. Both he and Sundown arrive in Success Town and help aide the citizens against O. Dio and the Crazy Bunch from ravaging the town.

Appearance Edit

Mad Dog seems to be a well dressed man, wearing a blue pair of pants, a blue over coat and an orange shirt under his under coat. He wears a rather dandy looking hat and a bullet belt around his body.

He has short, black hair.

His sprite depicts him wearing an orange bandanna or what looks like one.

Personality Edit

Base Stats Edit

Note these are Mad Dog`s stats without equipment bonuses counted.

  • HP:144
  • Defense:0
  • Power:24
  • Speed:37
  • Vitality:19
  • IQ:29

Etymology Edit

Mad Dog could just be a nick name for him. It could be based off the old, live action light gun game for the arcades called Mad Dog McCree .

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