“The world shall hear me roar!”

—Masaru's prologue quote.

Masaru is a character from Live-A-Live. He is the Present Day Chapter protagonist. Masaru is a man from Japan that has the dream of being the strongest man on Earth, and fight various well-known fighters through the process. However, later on the game, after Masaru has defeated all the fighters, they all are killed by Odie Oldbright, the currently The Strongest and Odio's incarnation on the chapter. Masaru then encounters Odie, and after discovering what happened to all the fighters, in a fit of anger, Masaru engages combat with Odie and kills him later then, finally claiming the title of The Strongest and realizing his dream.

Personality Edit

Masaru is a very hot-blooded and confident person, always believing on himself and doesn't seem to ever lose hope. It also seems Masaru has a taste for justice and is a very emotive person, due to getting extremely enraged after discovering that Odie Oldbright killed all the fighters Masaru has fought early in the chapter.

Appearance Edit

Masaru is a tall and muscular man that haves a medium black hair, wears a white cargo pants, a purple vest, boots and a red large bandana on the head.

Attacks Edit

  • Blazing Fist (pre-learned)
  • Roundhouse (pre-learned)
  • Battle Cry (pre-learned)
  • Earth-Rending Fury (learnable with Jackie Iaukea or by reaching Lvl 16)

Trivia Edit

  • Before the credits of the chapter roll out, a unknown man seems to challenge Masaru after Odie Oldbright is defeated.
  • Earth-Rending Fury can also be learned by O-Robo at the same level Masaru learns it.

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