“The world shall hear me roar!”

—Masaru's prologue quote.

Masaru Takahara is one of the main characters of Live A Live. He is the protagonist of the Present Day scenario, The Strongest. Masaru is a man with great ambitions, to become the strongest man on the planet, and has organized a way to prove it.

Background Edit

Masaru has one goal during his scenario: to be recognized as the strongest man on Earth. To that end, he decides to travel across the world to engage in combat with six of humanity's greatest warriors, and learn their techniques through experience. Through perseverance and skill, he manages to best all six fighters, and claim the title of the Strongest, realizing his dream.

However, a second man, Odie Oldbright, shares the exact same goal as Masaru, but differs in believing that true strength means killing all who oppose you. After murdering all of the six warriors Masaru fought, Odie confronts Masaru and challenges him to a final fight. Furious, Masaru explodes with rage and uses the techniques taught to him by all six masters to strike Odie down, finally earning the true title of the Strongest, and all the responsibilities that comes with it.

Personality Edit

Masaru is a very hot-blooded and confident person, always believing on himself and never losing hope. It also seems Masaru has a great taste for justice and is very emotive, due to getting extremely enraged after discovering that Odie Oldbright killed all the fighters Masaru has fought early in the chapter. Despite his hot-headedness, Masaru also carries great respect for elders and his superiors.

Appearance Edit

Masaru is a tall, young, and muscular man who sports medium black hair, a pair of white cargo pants, a purple vest, black boots and a large, red bandanna on his head.

Attacks Edit

  • Blazing Fist (pre-learned)
  • Roundhouse (pre-learned)
  • Battle Cry (pre-learned)
  • Earth-Rending Fury (learnable with Jackie Iaukea or by reaching Lvl 16)

Trivia Edit

  • Before the credits of Masaru's scenario roll out, a unknown man seems to challenge Masaru after Odie Oldbright is defeated.
  • Earth-Rending Fury can also be learned by O-Robo at the same level Masaru learns it.