“Okay! Come on, boy! Max Bomber Number 1!!”
—Max Morgan pre battle

Max Morgan
Max morgan
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 512
Dropable Items
Themes Knock You Down!

Max Morgan (マックス・モーガン) Is a character from Live A Live. He is only seen in the present day scenario and is one of Masaru`s opponents, He is America`s number one wrestler and had made a name for himself as a Hollywood star. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright sometime after Masaru had defeated him previously.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Max Bomber
  • German Suplex


Max Morgan is one of the hardest of Masaru`s opponents even harder than Odie Oldbright. It is best to stay away from Max Moragn at all times as his attacks will make quick work of Masaru and sometimes all it takes is two hits. His Max Bomber has the chance to paralyze which is not good and it has a square attack range which means he can hit while facing any direction. It is best to use Abise-Geri on him from long range to beat him the only times he should be fought at close quarters is to learn his two attacks after distance should be made at all costs.



  • Max Morgan is an expy of Hulk Hogan, a wrestler that was rather popular around the time. Which could mean his mannerisms and how he is a "Hollywood Star" could alluide to this. 

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