Moribe Seishi
Moribe seishi
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 112
Dropable Items
Themes Knock You Down!

Moribe Seishi (森部生士)

Is a character from Live A Live and is only seen in the present day scenario The Strongest. He is most known for his bare handed killing techniques and can pierce even armor and can damage internal organs without breaking the skin. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright shortly after his defeat by Masaru.


He wears grayish black Japanese top and bottom and has a red belt tied around his waste. Moribe has long grey hair and looks to be atleast in his fifties or close to the Xin Shan Quan masters age.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Abise-Geri
  • Tsuba


He can be either be very hard or very easy depending on if you can land the hit. First it is best to stand in range of his Tsuba attack to learn that first and after a few Battle cries to heal up if heavy damage was taken one should try to hit him with Tsuba a few times to lower his stats atleast two hits be warned that his dodge rate is very high so one may have trouble landing a hit. After his Strength is lowered a bit one should then stand in range of his Abise-Geri to learn that then take him down after some more Battlecry use as it will inflict heavy damage Moribe also has pretty low HP so he will fall pretty fast.

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