“Hah, You`ve come all the way from Japan to face me? Too bad you won`t be able as to so much bruise my pretty face!!”
—Namcat in pre battle

Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 255
Level -
Dropable Items -
Themes Knock You Down!

Namcat (ナムキャット) Is a character from Live A Live. He is only seen in the present day scenario. He is most known for his Muey Thai style of fighting and his flexible joints which he takes advantage of in his battles. He takes great pride in his great beauty especially his face. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright sometime after Masaru had defeated him earlier.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Spiral Knee
  • Punchama Kick


He can be very hard and much care should be taken with standing far away from him as his Spiral Knee can do massive damage around 200 or so. It is best to first hit him with Tsuba a few times to lower his stats and then proceed to learn his moves as they will do less damage after Abise-Geri should be used to finish the fight as nearly every hit will change the direction he is facing so he won`t attack.