Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 992
Dropable Items
Themes Megalomania, The Demon King Odio

O-D-O (おーでぃーおー)

O-D-O is a boss in the chapter called "Contact". It is one of the last living dinosaurs and is Odio`s prehistory incarnation. It is worshipped as a deity to the Ku Tribe. Bel was going to be sacrificed to it.

With the combined efforts of Pogo, Bel, Zaki and Gori, O-D-O is defeated and used as a source of food for the two tribes. O-D-O can later be seen as a statue in a chamber in the final chapter and is seen one last time during the final battle and is briefly playable if Oersted is chosen as the final main character.

Appearance Edit

O-D-O is a Tyrannosaurs Rex. It has dark brown skin with pale tan stripes on it's body. It's underbelly is pale in colour and has a large, tail.

Attacks Edit

Crushing bite:1 tile diagonal range, very heavy damage, can lower con.

Throw down: 1 tile orthogonal and diagonal range, significant damage.

Rend; 1 tile orthogonal and diagonal range, minor damage.

Divebomb: 1-3 tile diagonal range, heavy damage.


  • O-D-O's sprite looks like it has a horn is on its snout. It is its tail and way the sprite is flipped. 

Gallery Edit

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