Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 992
Dropable Items
Themes Megalomania, The Demon King Odio

O-D-O (おーでぃーおー)

O-D-O is a boss in the chapter called "Contact". It is one of the last living dinosaurs and is Odio`s prehistory incarnation. It is worshipped as a deity to the Ku Tribe. Bel was going to be sacrificed to it.

With the combined efforts of Pogo, Bel, Zaki and Gori, O-D-O is defeated and used as a source of food for the two tribes. O-D-O can later be seen as a statue in a chamber in the final chapter and is seen one last time during the final battle and is briefly playable if Oersted is chosen as the final main character.

Appearance Edit

O-D-O is a Tyrannosaurs Rex. It has dark brown skin with pale tan stripes on it's body. It's underbelly is pale in colour and has a large, tail.

Strategy Edit

You begin the battle with Pogo, Gori, and Bel. Zaki will join the fray before anyone can take any actions.

If you've previously trained Bel to Level 7, this fight is a cakewalk. Position Pogo, Gori, and Zaki to distract O-D-O's attacks while having Bel fire away with "Laa Laa." It does a lot of damage and will defeat O-D-O in two or three turns.

If you don't have Laa Laa, the fight's more of a challenge. Pogo's the only one strong enough to survive O-D-O's attacks, so put him next to O-D-O and have him use melee attacks, but avoid attacks that have a charge time, since O-D-O can cancel. Have Gori and Zaki attack from range, and keep Bel in a position where she can use Wave Wave (if you have it) to heal. This is the last battle of the chapter, so use healing items as liberally as you need to.

Attacks Edit

Crushing bite:1 tile diagonal range, very heavy damage, can lower con.

Throw down: 1 tile orthogonal and diagonal range, significant damage.

Rend; 1 tile orthogonal and diagonal range, minor damage.

Divebomb: 1-3 tile diagonal range, heavy damage.

Armageddon (Finale Only): Destroys the world.


  • O-D-O's sprite looks like it has a horn is on its snout. It is its tail and way the sprite is flipped. 
  • O-D-O is also the only known animal incarnation of Odio. 

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