Odi Wang Lee
Odi wang lee
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 688
Dropable Items
Themes Megalomania, The Demon King Odio

Odi Wang Lee (オディワン・リー)

Is a character from Live A Live he is Odio`s incarnation in ancient China. He is the head of the Yi Po Men kung fu school and is polar opposites with the Xin shan Quan master. Odi Wang Lee is the one responsible for the deaths of two Xin Shan Quan students of the master by having his school pull a low down tactic and attacking them while they could barely defend themselves due to lack of training. He is seen in the final chapter as a statue in a chamber and is fought one last time in the final battle. He is briefly playable if Oersted is chosen as the final main character.


Odi Wang Lee is a young man with short slicked back black hair and wears a black and white kung fu outfit with a yellow belt tied around his waist.


Odi Wang Lee has a strong belief in power being everything and can also be seen as a bit arrogant as he took the Xin Shan Quan master and his student lightly and overestimated his own abilities resulting in his swift defeat at the hand of the student. He can also be viewed as low down or dirty as he would often resort to underhanded tactics to get his way such as sending his school to attack and harass innocent village folk or attacking and killing two students of Xin Shan Quan when they were not even trained properly or strong enough to defend themselves.


Odi Wang Lee is one of easiest bosses not having many powerful attacks and can be defeated very easily by using Xin Shan Quan`s final technique followed by whatever moves the chosen student has. The final


Fei Zhu: 2-3 tile orthogonal and diagonal range. minor damage, poisons.

Kuang Lang Quan: 1 tile diagonal and orthogonal range. very minor damage, retreats upon use, makes target turn.

Kuang Luan Fei Long: 2 tile diagonal and orthogonal range moderate damage, causes knockback.

Kuang Zhuan Yan Wu: 1 tile diagonal and orthogonal range, significant damage.

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