“The title... Passed on, until it reached me... I, the great one! The invincible! It is my... destiny... to be the best there... ever was...”
—Odie Oldbright before dying to Masaru

Odie Oldbright
Oldie oldbright
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 832
Dropable Items
Themes Megalomania, The Demon King Odio

Odie Oldbright (オディ・オブライト)

Odie Oldbright is a character from Live A Live, and is Odio`s incarnation in The Present Day - Strongest Chapter. He is only seen briefly in the Final Chapter in a chamber in The Forbidden Land where his statue is. A surly and arrogant martial artist, Odie too aimed to become The World's Strongest, but much like Odi Wang Lee, his path to victory often involved more brutal and violent measures, including the belief that victory is only truly attained upon showing merciless domination, and how one's fighting style is only worthwhile if it is easily capable of killing.

He is the one responsible for the deaths of all the champions Masaru had fought; while Masaru was out proving he was the strongest by facing them face to face and defeating them upon knockout and the lack of will to fight, Odie was watching his progress from the sidelines and gained his victories upon viciously slaughtering them when at their most vulnerable. Upon making a name for himself with making dark waves in the martial arts world, he later shows up to face Masaru himself and explains to him of how he was able to make it to his level. Sadistically bragging and gloating of how he killed the prior champions, this act angers Masaru, and drives him to end Odie's life because of the evil he would further bring to the world of fighting. Odie Oldbright is seen one last time during the final chapter where he is fought at again and also when he becomes briefly playable when Oersted is chosen as the final main character.


Odie Oldbright is a tall muscular man with a bald head and tattoos on his arms and back. The tattoo on his back is that of an ashura, semi divine beings within Buddhism and Hindu religion who represent powerful but violent entities that are always symbolic of neverending conflict. His outfit makes him slightly resemble a Buddhism monk, while hybridizing a modern outlaw and punk styled flair with biker gear like leather gloves and metal leg protectors, further giving him a dangerous looking image akin to a disgraced monk and to thugs and evil fighters from late 1980s and early 1990s martial arts movies.


Odie Oldbright is not an overly hard boss. The best way to face him is to first get up close to him and hit him with Tsuba a few times to lower his stats, then after, one should back a few spaces away from him and hit him with Abise-Geri repeatedly as it will cause his facing direction to change canceling all his actions in the process. One should not stand on the sides of him and from a distance as he has a very powerful attack called Acro DDO which at that point in time can inflict massive amounts of damage and can possibly defeat Masaru in one hit if enough damage is done. He also has an attack called Death`s Scythe which he will use often once out of range of his Acro DDO which does not inflict as much damage especially when his stats are lowered.

Attacks Edit

Acro DDO: Heavy damage, 1 tile diagonal range.

Death Scythe: minor damage, 1 tile diagonal and orthogonal range, makes the target turn.

Gu Fa Tie Pao: extremely minor damage, 2 tile diagonal and orthogonal range.

Terrible Shout: around 20 hp heal, cures status effects.

Armageddon (Finale Only): Destroys the world.



  • Odie Oldbright may be based off of Sagat from Street Fighter. SNK's Geese Howard may have been an inspiration.