—Pogo inventing the word "love" while lying with Bel

Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP 144
Level 1
Ultimate Weapon Bone Axe
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Pogo is one of the main characters in Live A Live. His scenario is within the Prehistoric chapter, Contact. He is a young boy who is "coming of age" in his tribe who stumbles upon a girl who escaped from being sacrificed by another tribe. After finding out about her, him and his gorilla friend Gori, along with the girl, are banished from the tribe and must fend for themselves out in the B.C. wilderness.

Personality Edit

Because he lives in a time before speak, the majority of Pogo's personality is displayed through his actions. He is a brash person, not afraid to hit Gori if he does something annoying or is trying to get his attention. He is also very defense, as he is always ready to fight Zaki if he comes around trying to take Bel back. He, like any other young boy, is impressionable by women and girls, as he falls in love with Bel almost instantly, and gets nose bleeds whenever she flashes herself. This trait plays into the final chapter if you pick Li Kuugo as your protagonist and go to grab Pogo, he will not fight you because he is...smitten by her to say the least.

Appearance Edit

God he is ugly. Pogo has a wild mane of green hair, along with a stone headpiece worn almost like a visor. He has big, bushy black eyebrows, and relatively big brown eyes. He wears a typical caveman outfit, with a leopard print and one shoulder strap, leaving one side of his chest exposed. He wears stone anklets around the bottom of his legs. Stylin'.

Strong and Weak Points Edit

(Fill this later I didn't really like using him so even then I feel as though these sections can be subjective)

Base Stats Edit

Pogo's stats without equipment bonuses

  • HP: 144
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 0
  • Power: 17
  • Speed: 10
  • Vitality: 17
  • IQ: 4