“Kirk... Hehe... Your so cute! Sleeping like a little baby... Hold on, I`ll go and bake some cookies. You like cookies, don`t you? Hehe...”
—Rachel to Kirk`s corpse

Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Base HP
Ultimate Weapon

Rachel ('レイチェル)

Is a character from Live A Live and only appears in Cube`s scenario Mechanical Heart. She is a crew member of the Cogito Ergosum. She is the ships communications officer and is the ex lover of Huey and current lover of Kirk. She becomes injured by Behemoth and later dies in cold sleep when OD-10 shuts off the power in the cold sleep room.


Rachel wears an all red dress like outfit in the game and green colored boots and she also wears a red ribbon in her hair which holds it up in a ponytail she has a rather standard appearance among the crew.


Rachel is very kind especially towards Cube and is also seen always hanging around Kirk most of the time. She treats Huey a bit badly but to a lesser extent than Kirk. After Kirk`s death her true colors are revealed and she is shown to have an unhealthy obssession with Kirk and acts strangely and erratic to the point of taking Kirk`s dead body into her room and speaking to it. When Kato and the other arrive she is shown to falsely accuse Huey of killing Kirk and accusing him of trying get back with her and later endangers everyone on board by opening the door nearly sucking both Kato and Cube out. It is due to her actions and Kirk`s that mainly made OD-10 give up on humans and try to kill everyone on board.

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