“Continue your apologies from the bottom of the abyss!”
—Straybow to Oersted before fighting him.

Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Base HP 100
Level 1
Ultimate Weapon
Themes Megalomania

Straybow (ストレイボウ)

Straybow is s a character from Live A Live. He is initially a close friend of Oersted, but later betrays and deceives him after finding the demon at the top of the mountain and a way to save Alicia first. He is also responsible for Oersted being deemed a demon and the death of the King by using magic to make him seem like the Demon King for Oersted to kill him.


Straybow has long wavy black hair which covers one of his eyes and wears blue robes with a red cape over them.


At first he comes off as Oersted`s calm collected kind smart friend but it is later revealed that he is very spiteful and jealous of Oersted for all the times he has made him play second fiddle and he gets tired of it. His jealousy drives him to do many things such as faking his own death, making Oersted kill the king to make Lucretia believe he is a demon and deciding that he alone was going to save Alicia. All of his spitefulness eventually leads to Oersted`s entire life falling apart and causing him to become Odio.

Strong and Weak PointsEdit

Straybow starts with two spells Red Bullet and Silver Freeze and later learns more powerful useful spells. He fits the role of black mage and uses various spells that deal damage. One should put IQ boosting items on him mostly as this will boost his already high attack with his magic making him easily the 3rd best party member right behind Hash and Oersted. However, he does have the simple weakness most mage-type characters have: physical attacks. One should always keep Straybow out of the way of enemies, especially when using his spells that take time to charge as he takes a lot of damage.

Base StatsEdit

Note these are Straybow`s stats without equipment bonuses counted.

  • HP:100
  • Attack:0
  • Defense:0
  • Power:5
  • Speed:20
  • Vitality:7
  • IQ:40



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