Tula Han
Tula han
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 432
Dropable Items
Themes Knock You Down!

Tula Han (トゥーラ・ハン)

Is a character from Live A Live he is only seen in the present day scenario The Strongest. he was trained by a special paramilitary unit and is said to be a master of combat. He is most known for his skillful use of his arm and leg locks. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright sometime after his defeat by Masaru and likely had the most painful death of the six fighters as Odie claimed he twisted his joints in ways nature never intended implying that Odie may have turned his own moves against him and used them in a more aggressive fashion.


Tula wears a green camouflage military uniform as he is in the army. He has a scar on his down his right eye and has a short military haircut.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Arm Lock
  • Cross Heel Hold


Tula Han is not very hard and can actually be beaten with no new learned abilities. To learn his techniques one should first use Roundhouse Kick on him to turn him another direction that will trigger him to start using his techniques to learn. If low on HP Battlecry will help then repeat the process of Roundhouse Kicks.

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