“Da...! Daaaaad!!”
—Watanabe in Secret Orders

Watanabe Is a recurring character in Live A Live. He appears in all the scenarios in some form or another and is part of a running gag in the game where he always ends up having his dad get killed in some way and him usually ending up crying and carrying him away This is what is a called a Watanabe event. In each timeline Watanabe`s name is either that or some form of the name such as in Wandering where his name is Watt.

Appearances in each scenarioEdit


In the Flow scenario, Watanabe is a child at the Chibikko house, he is later captured by the Crusaders.  His appearance shows him as having short black hair and light green overalls.

Mechanical HeartEdit

In the Mechanical Heart scenario, Watanabe is Kato's access password


Not much is seen of Watanabe except for his Flow Appearance but what can be seen of the various Watanabe`s is that they care very much for their dad`s and look up to them greatly and end up crying and running off when their dad gets killed.


Watanabe (渡辺: "ferryside") is the fifth most common Japanese surname. The first to be named Watanabe were the samurai clan founded by Watanabe no Tsuna (953-1025), a descendant of the Emperor Saga.


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