“Da...! Daaaaad!!”
—Watanabe in Secret Orders

Watanabe is a name that refers to a recurring joke character in Live-A-Live. In each chapter, a character named Watanabe witnesses their father's death, and freaks out over it. The character's name is modified in some scenes, and their appearance almost always differs.

Appearances in each scenarioEdit

Contact Edit

In the Contact scenario, Watanabe and his father attempt to cross a hole made by Zaki earlier in the scenario. The father falls into the hole after he makes himself into a bridge for his son to cross over the pit.

Inheritance Edit

In the Inheritance scenario, Watanabe can be seen exiting the Won Ton School of Martial Arts. He fights to avenge his father, but fails. This scene can only be viewed if you trained Sammo the most out of the three candidates.

Secret Orders Edit

In the Secret Orders scenario, Watanabe and his father are thieves who attempt to raid the storehouse. Watanabe's father dies after getting ensnared in a trap.

Wandering Edit

In the Wandering scenario, a cowboy father and son pair(the son being named Watt) approach Success Town, when the father is shot by an offscreen member of the Crazy Bunch.

The Strongest Edit

In the Strongest on Earth scenario, Watanabe's father is killed offscreen after Great Asia is mocked by being hit with trash thrown by him.

This encounter only happens if Great Asia is at the bottom-right corner of the screen and is facing upwards and to the left. In addition, Masaru must be facing him and be in a tile horizontal to him. If all of these requirements are met, whenever Great Asia uses Bite, there is a 1/50 chance this scene will occur.


In the Flow scenario, Watanabe is a child at the Chibikko house. He is later captured by the Crusaders. His appearance shows him as having short black hair and light green overalls.

This is the scenario he plays the largest role in, being an NPC with a fair amount of dialogue. His father is discovered liquified, as a part of the plot of this chapter.

Mechanical HeartEdit

In the Mechanical Heart scenario, WATANABE is given by Kato to Cube as an access password. The main antenna breaking may be a reference to his father.

King of Demons Edit

At the start of the scenario, Watanabe witnesses his father's death in the tournament.

Final Chapter Edit

Both Watanabe and his father are petrified in the Dungeon of Instinct. Reading their minds with Akira refers to a Panther that turned them into stone for being cowards.


Watanabe (渡辺: "ferryside") is the fifth most common Japanese surname. The first to be named Watanabe were the samurai clan founded by Watanabe no Tsuna (953-1025), a descendant of the Emperor Saga.