Charge Tech/Barrage of chops
Move statistics
Range Two Spaces ahead in any Direction
Learned At Pre Learned (at Final Chapter)
Charge Time None
Element Wind
Users Xin Shan Quan Pupils

XinShanQuan is a move from Live A Live it is pre learned by any of the three pupils at the start of the final chapter. It does decent damage and can hit from two spaces away in any direction useful on the enemies encountered at the start of the Final Chapter if either one of the pupils were chosen as the final protagonist.


Xin Shan Quan is of Chinese orgin. The Chinese characters of it would be "心山拳"

心 (means "heart"): pronounced "xin" in Mandarin Chinese and "shin, しん" in Japanese.

山 (means "mountain"): pronounced "shan" in Mandarin Chinese and "san, ざん" in Japanese.

拳 (means "fist"): pronounced "quan" in Mandarin Chinese and "ken, けん" in Japanese.

So, it would mean "Heart Mountain Fist".

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