Xin Shan Quan Master
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Base HP 160
Level 10
Ultimate Weapon
Themes The Ancient Master Descends from the Mountains, The Birds Fly in the Sky, the Fish Swim in the River

Xin Shan Quan Master (心山拳老師)

Is a character from Live A Live he only appears in the scenario Inheritance. He is very old master of the Xin Shan Quan kung fu and due to his very old age is getting weaker and dying during the events of Inheritance. He goes around China and searches for students to pass his arts down to and eventually finds them. He later dies after the battle with Odi Wang Lee having taught everything he knows to his successor he succeeds in his final goal.


He is an old man with a partially bald head with gray hair. he wears an all black kung fu outfit and is fairly short in height, He always has his eyes squinted closed.


He is very honorable and calm rarely ever getting upset and believes that strength does not always amount to physical might or attacking people and believes that the kung fu arts should never be used to kill people unless absolutely needed. The only time he was seen even a tiny bit angry was after the death of two of his students at the hands of Odi Wang Lee.

Base StatsEdit

Note these are the Xin Shan Quan Master`s stats without equipment bonuses counted.

  • HP:160
  • Attack:5
  • Defense:0
  • Power:14
  • Speed:12
  • Vitality:12
  • IQ:65


  • He is the only one of the seven main characters to actually die unless one is to count Oersted who is technically the eighth main character.
  • He is the oldest main character of the seven the other is Sundown.
  • He is the only human character who cannot level up what so ever and is forever locked at level 10.
  • He is the only main character who will not appear In the final chapter